Enjoy our handcrafter Coiled Keyboard Cables. Specially designed to enhance your Mechanical Keyboard experience.

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  • Quality.

    Our most cherished feature and top priority! More than 900 5-star reviews across our stores with most common mention of high quality. We stress test and inspect every cable. We care about each detail, because it matters!

  • Experience.

    With nearly 4000 cables built and shipped worldwide. We learn and improve our methods with each order. Our soldering technique is combined with triple layer of extra security that guarantees your cable longevity.

  • Free Shipping and fast Processing.

    Your standard shipping cost is included, with no extra cost to it. Premium shipping is also presented as an option. We strive for a short processing time of 4-8 days and we ship worldwide!

  • Attentive Customer Support and Warranty.

    We always do our best to answer all your questions and help with anything in our power. With average response time of 6 hours calculate over thousand of inquiries. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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