Eveything you need to know about coiled keyboard cables



  •  What is a coiled keyboard cable and what purpose does it serve?


  Our custom cables are USB 2 protocol cables designed to serve dual functions. Initially, they operate as standard USB cables, providing power to your Mechanical Keyboard.
   Secondly, they serve an aesthetic purpose, enhancing the overall look of your keyboard and desk setup with their attractive design. With a wide array of colors available and featuring a coiled section, along with detachable connectors like the Gx16,Gx12 (Aviator connector), Yc8, Lemo or Mini XLR , these cables offer high levels of customization to suit individual preferences. They truly stand out alongside your mechanical keyboard. Furthermore, the fact that they are fully handcrafted enhances the buying and user experience

Coiled cables for Mechanical Keyboards



  • Are coiled cables better for your Mechanical Keyboard?


  In essence, the answer varies. From a technical standpoint, not significantly. However, from a visual perspective, unquestionably. The nuanced response hinges on personal preference. If you appreciate colorful keycaps and the ability to customize your mechanical keyboard with an array of captivating colors, investing in diverse keycaps and cables can elevate your keyboard's aesthetics and enhance the ambiance of your workspace. In this light, the mechanical keyboard hobby transcends functionality and evolves into an art form.

  While a $10 keyboard paired with a $2 cable and mouse pad serves its purpose, many of us opt to express our individuality through the colors, sounds, and tactile experiences of our keyboards. So, does owning a beautifully crafted keyboard with vibrant keycaps and an aesthetically pleasing cable bring me happiness? Absolutely, but that's just my personal preference :).

Golden coiled cable and keycaps
Or this one

Pastel Green coiled cable



  •  What are coils? 


  The Coils are the looped/spiral section of the cable. They are purely for aesthetic look. The inner diameter is 1.1 cm. and the outer is 2.1 cm. It is considered middle-sized coils and the golden ratio in our view. In order for the coil to remain strong and tight, we use a special technique called "reverse coiling", combined with multiple heating cycles. All done by hand! The coils are tight, even, and springy and should last for years if treated properly. Stretching the coils is not recommended as it can harm the shape and form of the cable.


  •  What is a device end? 

   The device end is your keyboard port. Newer keyboards have USB C, which is the best technology to date. Older models are having USB Mini or USB Micro ports.

  • What is host end?    


  The host end is your computer or maybe USB hub. Usually refered as host cable is the straight part of the cable connected to your PC. Also known as USB A cable. 


  •   What are the detachable connectors and the difference between them?


  This connector, situated in the middle of your cable, is also referred to as a cable connector. We provide various types of cable connectors, with most individuals selecting based on their visual appeal. In terms of technical functionality, the connectors do not differ; their primary distinction lies in how they attach and detach.

  Presently, our offerings include Gx16, Gx12 (also recognized as Aviators), Yc8, Mini XLR, and Lemo styles."

Different cable connectors

   - Gx16 – Also called Aviator. The lock/unlock mechanism is with a screwing ring. This is a chunky connector that is loved by the community and the most common choice. 

  - Gx12 - The lock/unlock mechanism is with a screwing ring. The Gx12 is just a smaller variant of Gx16. 12 stands for the circumference - 12mm. Besides the size, there is no heat shrink on both sides of the connector. 

  - Yc8 - Yc8 has a push-pull mechanism. Faster to lock/unlock, smaller in size, and also the standard Yc8 has a nice platinum look.

  - Mini XLR - Push-pull connector with a nice metallic look. It locks/unlocks with a small button.

  - Lemo style - It's considered the premium choice. It's a push-pull connector with a classy look and higher price.

*All credit for the video goes to the creator Cruzctrl*


  • How do we paint our detachable connectors?


 We paint our detachable connectors only with high quality ceramic paint called Cerakote. The coating provides great colors and a decent level of scratch resistance. 


Cable connectors painted with Cerakote
  • What is coil direction/alignment?


 Your coil direction will determine the alignment of your coil. Take in  consideration where your keyboard port is, and your host position (PC on left or right). Check the photos for a visual representation.

Custom Cable Coil alignment position


  • What is heat shrink?

  Heat-shrink is the wrap around your USB C/A/MiniB/Micro also at both ends of your Gx16. It’s made of polyolefin and its main purpose is isolation. It also comes in a few colors, so that helps a lot with fully customizing the colors of your cable.

  • Technical Information:

 Our cables are USB 2. 28 AWG - 4 wires (2 for data, 2 for power). They are not meant for charging or any other purpose besides powering mechanical keyboards. All of our cable connectors are 4-pin

*Warning: Please, keep in mind the total length of the cables is pretty long. That might cause power issues with some power-hungry keyboards like HHKB, Drops keyboards, Input Club’s K-Type, EM7. If you have a power-hungry keyboard we recommend shorter cables. Please consult us before buying! 

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